Solar Power Bank Waterproof 30000mAh

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Skii or snowboard in style while charging your devices with that powerbank.
Do not run our of battery while out there in the mountains. There is nothing less cool than spending the day out and not being able to use your device to take wonderful memories because you've runned out of battery.

Add this wonderful PowerBank to your equipment and forget about those days!

It has a capacity of 30.000mAh and a double USB output interface so you can share your energy with whoever you want! Charge 2 devices at the same time!

You can also recharge it while snowing and having fun if you place it out of your backpack and let the sun recharge your battery! Recharge it for free with the Solar light!

This is a very capable, high capacity, dual USB, waterproof and sun rechargable power bank. What else do you need? It has POWER!