Summer Inflatable Giant Floats

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Summer time means fun time!

If you go to the beach, bring some fun style with you with those funny fruit inflatables!

Do you love water melon? Well, bring it with you to the pool or beach and stay there while enhoying the weather!

  • Rainbow Size: 180x90cm / 70.9x35.4in
  • Semicircular watermelon float size: 180x85cm / 70.9x33.5in
  • Large size pineapple float size: 180x120cm / 70.9x47.2in
  • Eggplant float size: 215*110cm/84.65*43.3in
  • Heart-shaped Pink&Red float size: 120*115 cm/3.94 x 3.77 ft
  • Candy float size: 240*100*30 cm/7.87x3.28x0.98 ft
  • Swan float size: 150*150*90 cm/4.92x4.92x2.95 ft